Earthquake disaster kit

Packaging Specifications
● Dimensions: 34x24x12cm

Contents, Materials, and Weight
● Folding shovel: 0.4kg, material: low-carbon steel
● Thick PVC raincoat: 150g, material: PVC
● Handheld flashlight: 140g, material: plastic + lithium battery
● Protective gloves: 600g, material: cotton yarn nylon
● Earthquake hood: 0.2kg, material: high-density flame retardant material
● Dust goggles: 68g, material: PVC + PC
● Rope: 0.55kg, material: polypropylene
● Insulated blanket: 55g, material: aluminum foil and aluminum film
● Multi-function knife: 105g, material: stainless steel + red ABS plastic
● Whistle: 17g, material: stainless steel

● Earthquake bag, one bag for disaster prevention
● Complete tools with super large capacity
● Waterproof, wear-resistant, and beautiful appearance
● Suitable for disaster relief
● Suitable for outdoor survival
● Suitable for fire rescue