10-year Chinese-Taiwanese fire alarm

● Country of origin: Taiwan
● Battery: 10-year lithium battery
● Activation concentration: Smoke concentration of 7.5%, activation within 60 seconds
● Alarm volume: 90 decibels per meter or more
● Ambient temperature: 0 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius
● Material: Fireproof plastic
● Weight: Approximately 110 grams (excluding hook)
● Color: Off-white

Approved by the Taiwan Fire Department
● Made in Taiwan, quality guaranteed
● Bilingual voice in Mandarin and Taiwanese
● 10-year battery life
● Self-testing function included
● Product liability insurance coverage of NT$2 million
● Comes with a hook and double-sided tape for quick installation in 5 seconds
● Standalone, no wiring required, easy to install
● Photoelectric technology, no radiation, no harm to humans
● Hidden smoke chamber, innovative design for faster fire detection