CM-RP-03S/E Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

● Two-wire communication:
   1. Saving cabling costs, time and labor efforts
   2. Easy maintenance
   3. Combining signal and power loop do not need voltage for connecting with conventional detectors
● 7' color LCD display with easy operation interface
● Equipped with self-simulation testing and warning functions
● Freely mix addressable modules and addressable detectors. Adjustable to any kind of building projects
● USB port: easily upload/download program
● Multi-function: Networking, Linkage, Graphic system, Central monitoring and controlling system


LOOP CAPABLE 256 ADD/LOOP (max. 8 loops) 256 ADD/LOOP
POWER INPUT  220V AC 50 ~ 60 Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION 100VA/loop, approx. 50VA/extra loop
COMMUNICATION CABLE Internal resistance of communication cable < 12Ω PE insulation wrapping of 500V communication cable > 2MΩ
COMMUNICATION LOOP Communication loop 256 points/loop
24V DC 25mA/loop provided for conventional detectors
DISPLAY 7' color LCD display with easy operation interface
EVENT LOG History message (max.9999)
Instant message (max. 1000)
AUDIO HOM Built-in electronic buzzer/90dB 24V DC 50mA
NET EXPANSION Repeater/Annunciator (max.64)
Intelligent graphic system
Broadcasting system
BATTERY BACKUP Built-in lead acid battery and charger 24V DC 4.5AH
POWER OUTPUT Alarm bells, indicating lamps, horns, gates, 24V DC 10A MAX
PRINTING  Built-in thermal printer in English (optional) None 
RELAY OUTPUT Alarm, trouble, reset both NO, NC Alarm, trouble both NO, NC
TEMPERATURE/RH 0°C ~ 50°C, less 95% RH, non-condensing
DIMENSION 450(W) × 450(H) × 660(D) mm/4 LOOP
450(W) × 450(H) × 860(D) mm/8LOOP
450(W) × 450(H) × 170(D) mm
THICKNESS/PAINTING 1.2mm powder coated