Gas Detector

● 2 Types of Gas Leak Detecting: Can detect LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and LNG (natural gas and methane)
● 2 Types of Warning Messages: Both human voice message and built-in buzzer sound will warn you loudly when alarming
● 2 Functions of Auto-testing: Automatically detect sensor-failure and easy self-test button
● 2 Ways of Usage: Standalone type for household or wiring to control panel for monitoring system
● 3 Colors of Indicating Lights: Easy to read and can immediately tell different situations of Alarm/Fault/Normal
● High Sensitivity: Smart combustible gas detector with built-in microprocessor control parts


SENSOR Semiconductor ALARM DENSITY 2500PPM (±1500PPM)
Within 3 minutes OPERATING
0 C ~ 50 C
AC 90V ~ 240V, 50 - 60Hz HUMIDITY RANGE 10% ~ 95%
DIMENSION H112 x W73 x D42 mm SOUND OUTPUT 85dB / 1M
Red: Alarm / Orange: Fault / Green: Normal
REMARKS 1. This is a Combustible Gas Detector, cannot detect the poisonous gas such as CO.
2. Do not use the detergent to clean the gas detector. It will be damaged.
3. Do not spray on the gas detector, such as air freshener and hair spray ... ,etc.